Clinical Benefits of EFT on Food Cravings – 12 Month Follow-up

Download PDF: 12 Month EFT Follow Up Report

Abstract: This randomized, single-­blind, crossover trial tested whether participants who used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) maintained reduced food cravings after 12-­months and updates previously reported 6-month findings. Ninety-six overweight/obese adults were allocated to a 4-week EFT treatment or wait-list condition. Degree of food craving, perceived power of food, restraint capabilities, and psychological symptoms were assessed pre-­ and posttest and at 12-month follow-up for collapsed groups. Significant improvements occurred in weight, body mass index, food cravings, subjective power of food, craving restraint, and psychological coping for EFT participants from pretest to 12 months (p < .05). It appears EFT can result in participants maintaining reduced cravings over time and affect weight and BMI in overweight and obese individuals.