The Unconscious Versus The Conscious Mind

Stapleton, P.B. and Sheldon, T.D (2007)

Your Mind Power: Strategies for Behaviour Change. Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne. Chpt 1 pp1-8.

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What is Body Image?

Stapleton, P.B. and Sheldon, T.D (2006)

Women’s Health and Fitness, Vol 13 No 7 pp108-9

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What is body image?

Behaviour Management of Children with an Intellectual Disability and Difficult Behaviour: A Parent Group Program

Sheldon T.D (1991)

Selected papers Student behaviour problems : context, initiatives and programs : selected papers from the 1991 National Conference on Student Behaviour Problems: Context, Initiatives and Programs by John Elkins; John Izard; Australian Council for Educational Research. ACER Hawthorn, Vic., 1992.